Traditional medicine, Ayurvedic principles.

Thinking about the Ayurveda Story, we must think about the origins of this millenary science since it goes back more than five thousand years ago, we must know that this science was passed down from the sages to ordinary people who have wanted to learn how to carry His spirituality beyond his understanding, taking this into account let us realize that Ayurrdeva tells us that being as an individual in general has certain characteristics which are, The body, the mind and the spirit.

These characteristics give an origin to the channeling of energies in general, thus showing people a correct path in life, taking into account that Ayurrdeva shows that the cosmos and nature are strongly linked to us since any imbalance in these aspects can Providing serious damage to us, everything has its repercussion and its retribution in general, that is, all radical changes in the energy of the cosmos and of what surrounds us can bring various changes in our health.

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